53e9e0863f6f5b5bb0acd8f572a37212.pngMission & History

Kingsway Charities Mission: "To Improve the lives of the sick and suffering worldwide so they will know God's love and compassion by providing life-sustaining resources."

Vision Statement: A suffering world, transformed by God's provision

Slogan: "Solutions for Suffering"

Kingsway Charities originated when the Gregory family purchased a pharmaceutical company in Bristol, Tennessee, in 1993. A year later, the family founded King Pharmaceuticals Benevolent Fund – the forerunner to Kingsway Charities Inc. The fund was established to create Kingsway Charities’ current charitable endowment, which sustains the operating expenses for our humanitarian missions and special projects. In 1997 Kingsway Charities purchased a facility in Bristol, Virginia, with 141,000 square feet of space – ample refrigeration and freezer storage, warehousing capabilities and numerous offices. We acquired a perfect site for our growing International Medical Missions. Over the last two decades, our goal has been constant – to bring physical healing and hope to the poor and needy around the world.

Milestones & Victories

  • Since 1994, Kingsway Charities has provided medications and supplies to more than 11,000 mission teams serving in 145 countries. 
  • Through Operation Eradication, Kingsway Charities has distributed 14 million pills (two pills annually to seven million patients) in an effort to eliminate intestinal parasite disease in developing countries.  
  • To date, we have provided over $3 billion in medications and medical supplies around the globe.