Processing / Shipping / Handling Fees

For over 20 years Kingsway Charities International Medical Missions has been blessed to provide over 3 billion dollars worth of medications & medical supplies. We have provided them, completely free of charge, to medical mission teams that are helping the poor and the needy in third world countries all over the world.  We are humbled about this milestone and look forward to the progression of our Charity for many years to come.

Due to current economic conditions, beginning January 15, 2012, Kingsway Charities will implement a minimal fee for each order in an effort to recover a portion of our shipping expenses. There will be a $25 processing fee, per trip request, and shipping/handling fees based on the number of pounds you order and the zip code you are shipping to. This fee will be paid via credit card upon the placement of your order.

Mission teams interested in receiving container shipments must call for the fee schedule applied to that type of order.

For more information, contact Kingsway Charities International Medical Missions at (276)466-3014 or (800)321-9234.

We look forward to working together with you, sharing God's love and compassion, by improving the lives of suffering people in developing countries.


There has been a little confusion as to how our new Processing & Shipping/Handling fees are calculated for our Donated Catalog. I'm going to attempt to try to explain how the charges are calculated. I hope this clears up any confusion.

Each trip request is charged a $25.00 Processing Fee. As you are placing your order from our Donated Catalog, you will see the weight of each item you are ordering. The weight will be in ounces. You can go through all the medicine categories and order whatever you would like from us. You can see the accumulated weight and the accumulated Shipping/Handling charges as you “Save Selections” in each of the medication categories. You can return to any category, anytime, and adjust the quantities in those categories to fit your budget. Once you are satisfied with your order, hit the “Submit Completed Order” button.

After you press “Submit Completed Order” button, the computer will take you to the secure website to enter in your credit card information.  The first screen you see will be the payment form where you will enter your credit card info.  After you fill in your credit card info, click “Process”.  You will be emailed a receipt for your transaction. You will be taken to the receipt form after clicking "Process" where you can review your info. You must click the "Finish Order" button at the bottom of the receipt page to complete your order.

We want to help you to receive the medications and medical supplies your team needs for your next mission trip. If you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us.