Becoming a donor is easy.

Donors.jpgIf you have medicine or medical supplies you would like to donate, contact Director of Operations and Procurement Albert Hester at 800-321-9234 ext: 245 or email ahester(at) Click below to download the Medical Supply Donor Information Sheet.

Who are donors?

Corporate entities, such as pharmaceutical companies; medical wholesalers; and nonprofit donors (e.g., other humanitarian agencies and national health groups)

Why should I donate?

Kingsway Charities provides secure, climate-controlled warehousing capabilities and computer tracking technologies to receive and distribute various types and quantities of pharmaceutical products.
By donating your surplus or short-dated products to Kingsway Charities, you can literally change the lives of suffering populations who live in extreme poverty or have experienced a catastrophic event.

How will donating benefit my organization?

Your donations of medications and medical supplies will:

  •     Eliminate the need for costly disposal of products;
  •     Provide your company with tax deductions;
  •     Free up your company’s warehouse space for other products;
  •     Improve your company’s corporate image.