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Kingsway Charities Inc. is a faith-based, Christian charitable organization headquartered in Bristol, Virginia. Our primary focus is International Medical Missions, a ministry that warehouses medications and medical supplies donated from pharmaceutical companies. These donations are then shipped to qualified medical mission teams serving the poor in third-world and developing countries.

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Need particular medications or medical supplies for your mission trip? We can help with that! We’ll be happy to quote any non-scheduled medication or medical supply you need for your mission trip.


Every 45 Seconds

Dianne Eckels from Joplin Community Clinic of Joplin - Forest Park Baptist Church. They saw 690 patients on their trip to Thailand in June, 2012.
They write: For the first time ever this year you had a portable walker available. We wouldn't normally have taken something like that on our mobile clinics, but we went ahead and ordered it from you. When we got there, we debated leaving it at our "home base" clinic in Bangkla Thailand. At the last minute, we decided to take it with us. During one of our mobile clinics, an older Thai lady just came up to our missionary doctor and out of the blue said "I need a walker!" Anyone who knows anything about the Thai culture knows that this is very unusual for their culture. Thank you so much for your ministry!!