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Kingsway Charities Inc. is a faith-based, Christian charitable organization headquartered in Bristol, Virginia. Our primary focus is International Medical Missions, a ministry that warehouses medications and medical supplies donated from pharmaceutical companies. These donations are then shipped to qualified medical mission teams serving the poor in third-world and developing countries.

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Every 45 Seconds

Brooke Longo from Church at Rock Creek went to Kenya in July, 2013. They saw 1,000 people and had 10 decisions for Christ.
God was so gracious to us. There were three nurses on our team. They treated over 1,000 people. We were able to distribute an additional 2,500 doses of parasite medicine and vitamin A to well patients, the children in Light Ministries' schools and feeding stations, and their staff. Most of our daily clinics lasted 7-8 hours. Most places had no electricity or running water. Most had no understanding of the importance of hand washing or boiling drinking water. The areas in Kisii were the most remote and the conditions most difficult. Even in areas where medical supplies were sorted and organized while sitting on draped, dirt floors, the clinics ran smoothly. We often used flashlights to facilitate visibility.
Primitive, yes, BUT, I was amazed at the love and compassion of everyone involved. Each patient was greeted with direct eye contact, a gentle touch and kind words. We began every clinic with prayer asking for God's wisdom and after, several of us taught Bible stories and sang songs. We thought this would involve mostly children but as the hours passed, more adults gathered. Eventually, even some grandmothers and grown men stayed to hear the truth of God's word and even participated in the motions of Bible songs. They didn't leave until we left for the day. How do you put a price tag on the value of a person's soul? The generosity of Kingsway in providing medicine for their bodies opened the opportunity to provide medicine for their souls. I pray that we shall have the opportunity to serve Him together again. Thank you!