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Kingsway Charities Inc. is a faith-based, Christian charitable organization headquartered in Bristol, Virginia. Our primary focus is International Medical Missions, a ministry that warehouses medications and medical supplies donated from pharmaceutical companies. These donations are then shipped to qualified medical mission teams serving the poor in third-world and developing countries.

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Need particular medications or medical supplies for your mission trip? We can help with that! We’ll be happy to quote any non-scheduled medication or medical supply you need for your mission trip.


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Walter Wesley Howard with Advancing Native Missions. They went to Honduras in June, 2012. They saw 300 patients.
They write: The medications and supplies that were donated to us for the trip to Honduras were a tremendous blessing. We treated one Pastor who had been sick for 3 years with diabetes and had gone virtually untreated for that time. We were able to give him enough medication to last six months and a meter and supplies to monitor his glucose levels. God knew exactly what we would need and He supplied everything perfectly. Kingsway was an important tool that God used to bless so many in a very poor country. Thank you for your work and ministry. Please continue to serve those who have so few options. May the Lord bless each one who put their hands to His calling! In Christ.