Kingsway Charities

Kingsway Charities Inc. is a faith-based, Christian charitable organization headquartered in Bristol, Virginia. Our primary focus is International Medical Missions, a ministry that warehouses medications and medical supplies donated from pharmaceutical companies. These donations are then shipped to qualified medical mission teams serving the poor in third-world and developing countries.

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If you’ve never registered your Organization/Ministry with us, please complete and submit the on-line New Organization/Ministry Registration Form. Your mission trip must be with an approved organization, ministry, or church with us.

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After your Organization/Ministry is approved with us, please complete and submit the online Mission Trip Registration Form. Please allow at least a month for your Advising Physician to sign and approve you to order from us (this is REQUIRED for each trip), for you to place your order online, & for us to pick, pack, & ship your order. We pick, pack, & ship on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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After you’ve submitted your Mission Trip Registration Form & your trip has been approved by us & your Advising Physician, you will be assigned a Trip Number and Password so you can access & order from our On-line Catalogs of medications and medical supplies.

Need particular medications or medical supplies for your mission trip? We can help with that! We’ll be happy to quote any non-scheduled medication or medical supply you need for your mission trip.