About Kingsway Charities

The World Health Organization contends that at least 1.2 billion people globally are affected by “neglected tropical diseases, chronic disabling infections” caused by poverty, and weak health systems. This year alone nearly 1 million people will die from malaria, mostly children under five years old. Another 1.9 million will gradually waste away and perish because of intestinal parasites that could have been cured.

This work involves warehousing medications and medical supplies received from pharmaceutical donors and dispensing the donations to qualified medical teams serving the poor worldwide. While helping to meet the physical needs of these suffering populations, these medical teams also extend the healing love of Jesus Christ in all they do.

Milestones & Victories

  • Since 1994, Kingsway Charities has provided medications and supplies to more than 11,000 mission teams serving in 145 countries.
  • Through Operation Eradication, Kingsway Charities has distributed 14 million pills (two pills annually to seven million patients) in an effort to eliminate intestinal parasite disease in developing countries.
  • Since 1995, Kingsway Charities has received and distributed over $3 billion worth of medicines and supplies around the globe.

By creating a network of donors, volunteers and medical mission teams from across the country, Kingsway Charities strives to “improve the lives of the sick and suffering worldwide” through its International Medical Missions.