Our Charity

International Medical Missions

International Medical Missions works on a global basis to improve the lives of suffering people by providing medications and medical supplies to the desperately needy in third-world countries. By offering a hand of hope, we are endeavoring to show God’s love and compassion around the globe.

How Our Charity Works

Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies donated to Kingsway Charities are sorted, cataloged, shelved and entered into an electronic database. Approved nonprofit organizations and charities across the United States contact us to obtain pharmaceutical supplies that will be needed for medical mission trips to undeveloped and third-world countries.

Those seeking assistance must submit an application for approval before pharmaceuticals can be ordered. Once an application is approved, a licensed, advising physician or medical team leader can then submit a request for medications from our current inventory. Based on the mission trip date, the requested pharmaceuticals will be shipped to a team member within the borders of the United States. The supplies can then be hand-carried by members of the team to remote destinations where people are in dire need of medical attention caused by poverty or natural disaster.

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